compplanmapCommunity Development Director Mary Gibbs gave an overview of the Village Center planning to date and the proposed schedule for review of the comprehensive plan amendments and land development code amendments.

She explained that the comprehensive plan amendments are very general and provide the “big picture” in the planning process.  This policy document encourages, among other things, general terms for mixed use, connectivity and walkability.

The land development codes provide the specifics of the planning process.  As an example, describing the exact number and types of trees in enhanced landscaping.

Her department has been working to provide more flexibility for developers by providing bonuses for density through a tiered system.

Public Input

Several land owners or their representatives stated they have formed a Village Center developer group.  They recommend the land development codes be more flexible by providing a menu of incentives instead of the tiered system.

Board Discussion

The Board members had a discussion about the importance of planning for parking in this new area.  Many people, both within and outside of the community, will want to drive to this area, so accessible parking will be critical in this planning process.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.