April 6, 2016, Council meeting

//April 6, 2016, Council meeting

Code of Ordinances

Dale Barstow, Municode, Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, gave an informational presentation about the type of services their firm provides.  The organization has been in the legal codification business since 1951 and has a team of full-time attorneys.  They organize, categorize and provide online posting of ordinances and land development codes.

Land Development Code Amendments discussion

Community Development Director Mary Gibbs stated that the Comprehensive Plan was transmitted to various agencies in Tallahassee, Lee County and Bonita Springs on April 5.

She then reviewed the conceptual framework for Land Development Code Amendments for the Village Center, providing a tentative schedule for approvals.  The Land Development Codes (LDC) provide the specifics of development.

This framework includes adding general definitions for Pattern Books which would become a requirement in all of Estero for all large-scale developments (greater than 10 acres). In addition, it addresses the new Estero Planned Development zoning category, application of tiers required for density, and walkability/connectivity, among other requirements.

The framework plan is not included in the Comprehensive Plan, so changes can be made after further input. (See document)

Capital Improvement Program discussion

There was a short discussion about the Capital Improvement Program and how the Village will take a conservative approach so that projects may be paid for as they are undertaken.  Some of the projects proposed by Council were sidewalks, lighting, road improvements along Estero Parkway; landscaping throughout the community; access to the Estero River, and a bike trail study.

A public meeting will be held in the near future to garner input from the community in order to set priorities and put together a complete plan.

Second reading of Ordinance 2016-03

There was a second reading of this ordinance providing for Councilmember compensation.  After discussion, the ordinance was approved by a vote of 5 to 2.

Planning & Zoning Board and Design Review Board interviews

One last interview was conducted.

Board members and chairman appointments

Resolution No. 2016-07 confirming Planning & Zoning Board members

Board Member  /  Term

  1. David Crawford
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2017
  1. Anthony Gargano
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2017
  1. Roger Strelow
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2018
  1. Ned Dewhirst
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2018
  1. Leonard “Scotty” Wood III, Chairman
    4/24/2016 – 3/31/2018
  1. James Tatooles
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2019
  1. Marlene Naratil
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2019

Resolution 2016-08 confirming Design Review Board members

Board Member / Term

  1. W. Scott Anderson
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2017
  2. William Prysi
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2017
  3. Patty Whitehead
    4/24/2015 – 3/31/2017
  4. Barry Jones
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2017
  5. Albert O’Donnell
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2018
  6. Joe McHarris, Chairman
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2018
  7. William Glass
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2018
  8. Anu Lacis
    4/06/2016 – 3/31/2018

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.