April 7, 2015 Workshop

//April 7, 2015 Workshop



Village Center artist’s concept

Bill Spikowski, Spikowski Planning Associates, and Nancy Stroud, land use attorney, discussed their proposals to complete the additional work described at the conclusion of the Community Planning Initiative Final Report dated January 2015.

The first steps would be adding two overlay maps to Estero’s Comp Plan and adopting policies that describe and regulate what would be developed in the mixed use areas of Estero to be shown on these overlay maps.

The first of the two maps would include higher density, mixed use developments located in what is now known as the Village Center and the Healthcare Village areas. The second map would set out other areas in the Village of Estero that might benefit from mixed use development in the manner described by the Final Report.

Spikowski stated that mixed use, walkable streets are what both young professionals and senior citizens wanting to downsize are looking for.

This work would provide a basis for the land use parts of the new Estero Comp Plan, which is required to be completed three years following incorporation. This initial work on the maps would be completed within three months.

Spikowski’s firm is the principal, local consulting firm that specializes in comprehensive planning, community plans, redevelopment plans, and preparation of land development regulations. Nancy Stroud has been selected as Special Zoning Counsel for the Village.

Further details will be included in the minutes of this meeting once they become available.