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Choose the available project from the drop down below. You must choose a specific solicitation. Do not upload to the Solicitation Response Upload folder without choosing a project.

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Refresh this page and select the pertinent Solicitation to see whether your file has been received. If it is listed below it has been received and will be sealed until the official open date.

TypeCurrent SolicitationsDate ModifiedSize

Do NOTupload to this directory. Choose a sub-directory 8:45 am 03/12/202083.1k


  1. Name your file with the Title of the Solicitation/Business Name.
  2. Click on the Destination Directory box and select Bids
  3. Click on the Destination Directory box again to choose the job you are bidding on.
  4. Click the “+Add Files” button to select the correctly named file from your computer.
  5. Click the “Submit Bid” button to upload selected file(s).

*The size limit is 128mb per file. You may submit multiple files as long as they are named part 1, part, 2 etc.

Problems? Contact:

Bob Franceschini
Purchasing Manager
Office Phone: 239-319-2821
Cell Phone: 239-565-6346

(Please allow us adequate time to respond to your request for assistance.)

Important Terms of Use

  1. Responses must be submitted in unzipped Adobe PDF format via electronic upload on the following page:
  2. The size limit is 128MB per file; but multiple files may be submitted named as Part 1, Part 2, etc.
  3. Vendors are responsible for verifying that their submission has been successfully submitted (follow the directions on the web site); the Village will not notify vendors of receipt. It is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that their response is uploaded to the correct project folder.
  4. The Village will not be held responsible for technologically related issues that cause a submission deadline to be missed. It is the vendor’s responsibility to contact the Village if issues arise at the time of project submission.
  5. Vendors are responsible for any typographical or user errors related to their submission (such as uploading the file to the wrong directory) which cause a submission to be misdirected and not received by the Village. Only those responses received in the folder designated for that specific project will be considered.
  6. Once submitted, all responses will remain within a secure site until the deadline date/time.  This means that Village staff cannot accommodate requests to return submissions to correct errors, etc.
  7. Use of electronic delivery indicates agreement with the above Terms of Use.