Council establishes land use boards

//Council establishes land use boards

At their April 17, 2015, meeting, the Village Council unanimously approved an ordinance establishing the Village’s land use boards, the Planning and Zoning Board and the Design Review Board.

The Planning and Zoning Board (PZB) will consist of 7 members who will serve for a term of three years.  The Chairman will be appointed by the Village Council, and the Vice Chairman will be elected by the members of the board; each will serve one-year terms.  The Chairman will be well versed in the land development process and quasi-judicial hearings.

The Design Review Committee (DRC) will consist of 8 members who will be charged with reviewing all of the architectural and landscaping appearance of new developments.  The members will serve a two-year term. The Chairman will be appointed by the Village Council and the Vice Chairman will be elected by the members of the board.

Four applicants for these land use boards were interviewed.  That makes a total of 41 applicants, including the 37 applicants interviewed on April 10, 2015.  The Council is scheduled to vote for the members and chairman of these boards at their meeting at 10 a.m., April 24.

In addition to the approval of the land use boards, the Council approved a planning initiative study with Spikowski Planning Associates, supported by Nancy Stroud, Esq., with respect to the Village Center and Healthcare Village areas of Estero.  The Village Council also adopted a Zoning In Progress resolution with respect to the Village Center area.

At the Council workshop, a discussion was held regarding the operation and maintenance of the current Village website.  A workshop will be scheduled in the near future to determine what the residents expect from the website.

The Council also discussed reimbursements to the Estero Council of Community Leaders for expenditures associated with the initial Council meeting and transition books.

The process for selecting candidates for the PZB and DRC was also discussed.

Further details will be included in the minutes of this meeting once they become available.