Public Information Meeting

ABC Fine Wines & Spirits Store

The applicant is planning a new one-story, 12,360 sq. ft. building at the Paradise Shoppes of Estero, where they are currently operating a store.

They are proposing a Spanish mission style, similar to the other shops.

The Board complimented the applicant on their overall plan and connectivity but expressed concern about the northern elevation of the building, suggesting they add a trellis or other embellishment.

The Paradise Shoppes of Estero is located at 21700 S. Tamiami Trail, west of US 41 and south of Pelican Landing Drive.  (Presentation)

MedExpress Estero

Representatives of MedExpress Estero presented their proposal for a 5,000 sq. ft. medical facility on the northeast corner of US 41 and Estero Parkway.

The applicant had previously planned to build adjacent to the proposed Aldi store north of Walmart’s main entrance but has now selected this site.

The applicant has added a decorative pavement to break up the parking lot pavement, pedestrian connections to the bus stop and sidewalk to the front of the store, as well as public seating.

The Board suggested that the corbels should be in proportion to the building.  (Presentation)

Park Place of Estero

The applicant is requesting to reduce the number of lots on their property from 26 to 16 single family lots. This property is located at 9400 Block Lane, north of Williams Road, west of River Ranch Road and north of the Estero High School.

This gated community’s architecture will be consistent with the homes on Block Lane.  They are providing connectivity by adding a sidewalk from the development to the sidewalk on Bock Lane which leads to River Ranch Road and the Estero High School.

The Board suggested they add littoral plants to the lake to help take away from the straight lines of the proposed lake.  (Presentation)

Estero North Point

Representatives of Estero North Point Ltd. presented their proposal to construct the core infrastructure that will serve the future development parcels within the approximately 100 acre Estero North Point site.

They are proposing a main entrance, with traffic signal, at US 41 and Pelican Sound Drive, a second entrance on US 41 further south opposite the 7/11 store, and an entrance off of Williams Road. There will also be a connector road to the north.

They are planning to include a 10 foot multi-use bike/ped path on one side of their internal road.

The applicant will be providing a buffer along US 41 at a later date.  For now, they will leave the current foliage to screen the undeveloped parcel, even though it is predominantly invasive plants.

This project is located northeast of the intersection of US 41 and Williams Road and is located in the Village Center. (Presentation)

Highland Oaks Drive at University Highlands

The applicant is proposing site preparation work at University Highlands on the west side of Ben Hill Griffin Road, on parcels both north and south of Everblades Parkway.

The work includes clearing, filling and installation of a portion of the water main and storm sewer.

The applicant is also requesting a temporary change to their outparcels by adding sod and benches to give a parklike feel along the sidewalk.   (Presentation)

Public Hearing

Lee Health at Coconut Point

Lee Health requested approval for the construction of a 146,545 sq. ft. medical facility, a 12,872 sq. ft. energy pavilion, future development area, landscape, parking and all related infrastructure.

They are proposing to start construction in June 2017, with projected opening of the facility in the fall of 2018.

Plans call for this facility to provide 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year.

They will be building the facility to hospital standards so that sometime in the future it could become a hospital. (Presentation 1) (Presentation 2)

The Board approved this application with two stipulations.  They suggested Lee Health consider expanding the pedestrian connection to the Bonita Community Health Center to the south and add 35 – 40, 18 – 25 ft. tall sabal palms next to the energy pavilion.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website