December 15, 2015, Planning & Zoning Board meeting

///December 15, 2015, Planning & Zoning Board meeting


The Board recommended approval for the Roads Impact Fee Ordinance 2015-20, which revises the road fees using the most recent road impact fee study, and Ordinance 2015-29 amending Chapter 34 relating to acid stimulation and hydraulic fracturing.  The Board found this ordinance to be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan goals of protecting the environment and quality of life for Estero residents.

Public Hearings

Pinot’s Palette

Representatives of Pinot’s Palette requested that the limitation on “consumption on premises” at Coconut Point Mall be amended to include an art studio.  Pinot’s Palette, which will be located at Suite 109, 23050 Via Villago at the northern section of Coconut Point Mall, is a “paint and sip” business.  They want to be able to offer beer, wine and snacks to their customers while they attend painting classes.  Consumption would only be for those taking classes, not for the general public.  The Board approved this request.

Estero Lock-Up at Halfway Creek

lockupThe applicant requested a deviation to remove an 8-foot buffer wall from their west property line, which is on the west side of US 41, just south of Fountain Lakes Blvd.  They are currently proposing a three-story, 78,606 square foot storage building and a one-story, completely enclosed masonry building to store RVs and boats, versus the original design which had open-sided roof storage, requiring buffering.

In addition, the buffer wall could not be constructed in the Bonita Springs Utilities easement as it would impede access to the sanitary sewer lines for maintenance and repair.

The architectural wall of the building will screen the development from the adjacent property, along with enhanced buffer plantings, so there is no need for a second wall.  The Board approved this request. (See Presentation)

Estero WAS Partners

The applicant is requesting to rezone 1.36 acres from Mixed Use Planned Development to Commercial Planned Development for 15,000 square feet of commercial use for one or more tenants, including fast-food restaurants.  The maximum height of the building is 45 feet. There is a proposed drive-through area on the south side of the building with stacking for 10 cars.

wasThe applicant is asking to reduce onsite parking by five percent, allow a temporary contractor’s office/trailer during the construction phase and allow consumption on the premises.

This property is located on the west side of US 41, south of Pelican Sound Drive, and is 640 feet from the Pelican Sound residential community. (See Presentation)

The Village Council will make the final decision on this case.  The Board’s recommendation was to approve subject to the conditions in the Staff Report as well as additional conditions addressing a temporary construction trailer and limiting consumption on premises of alcoholic beverages, a parking deviation, and limiting fast food to inline only.

Coconut Retail Center


A representative for Coconut Retail Center requested three deviations for their 1.34-acre site located on the west side of US 41 and north of Bulb Lane in Coconut Trace:

  1. Setback reduction for a monument sign, from 15 feet to 10 feet, on the southeast corner of the property
  2. Reduce the parking space by 5 percent, to 73 from the required 81
  3. Reduce parking stall depths from the required 18 foot to 16 foot depth.

(See Presentation)

The Board approved this request.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.