Public Information Meeting

Representatives for the Estero Town Center gave a presentation on their proposed 19,054 sq. ft. Aldi grocery store and 6,500 sq. ft. medical office/retail building.   This site was previously zoned by Lee County for 26,775 sq. ft. of retail.

This property is located on the east side of US 41 at 19951 S. Tamiami Trail, just north of Walmart.

The Aldi representatives presented their architectural and landscaping designs which were revised to reflect recommendations noted by the Board at the October 26, 2016, workshop.

Included in the architecture enhancements were a 4-sided tower, sloping metal roofs, additional windows with Bahama shutters and horizontal banding.    Similar enhancements were used on the proposed adjacent tenant building.

In addition, an 8-foot wall was added to buffer the property from The Vines at Estero Country Club. (Presentation)

The Board stated the architecture, while much improved, still needed more undulation and suggested vines be used on several walls to replace some of the windows.

Public Comment:  Approximately 100 residents from neighboring communities attended to hear this presentation.  Eight residents spoke of their concerns about traffic, safety, security, noise and light pollution, and access to this site through their community.  One resident spoke in favor of the location of the grocery store.

No decisions are made at Public Information Meetings as they are conducted to allow the Board and the public to hear and comment on developers’ future plans.

Public Hearings

Marriott Town Place Suites requested minor changes to the exterior façade of their building, which is close to completion.  Included in the changes were the addition of shutters, windows on the stair wall and increasing the size of the windows in the fitness center on the first floor.

The applicant also requested a change to their monument sign in order to make it more consistent with Coconut Point signage.  (Presentation)

The Board approved the changes with the use of a different color on the base of the monument sign.

Highland Oaks Drive at University Highlands

Representatives of University Highlands requested approval to initiate site preparation including removal of exotics, clearing, filling and installing infrastructure and utilities in preparation of future development.

The applicant also requested a temporary change to their outparcels by adding sod and benches to give a parklike feel along the sidewalk.

This property is north of Miromar Outlet Drive and west of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway.  (Presentation)

Public Comment: Four residents spoke in support of making this area attractive to adjacent neighborhoods.

The Board approved the application so that work can begin before their permit expires in February but the applicant must return on January 25 with an updated landscape plan.

The Reef

A representative for The Reef was seeking a deviation to allow for 25-foot tall street light poles, which is 10 feet taller than the 15 foot maximum height in a residential area.  The light poles were incorrectly installed at this height.

The applicant indicated it would be cost prohibitive to change the poles at this point. The neighboring student housing to the north also has 25-foot tall street lights, and the majority of this property is isolated from other residential neighborhoods.

The Reef Phase II will use 15 foot light poles.

This property is located at the northeast corner of Estero Parkway and Three Oaks Parkway.  (Presentation)

The Board approved this application with the stipulation that the lights along the perimeter are properly shielded.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 25, 2017.