February 24, 2016, Design Review Board meeting

///February 24, 2016, Design Review Board meeting

Public Information Meetings

Representatives of the Coconut Point Adult Living Facility asked for a continuance to the March 9 Design Review Board meeting.

A representative of Carolina Carports, Inc., described the new storage building they are proposing to build at the Coastal Village on the east side of Three Oaks Parkway, just north of Estero Parkway.  Their proposal was for the building to be constructed of corrugated steel.  The Board told them to review the architectural codes for Estero as this type of building would not be approved.

Estates at Estero River resident Trina Depuy is requesting a variance from the side yard setback for the construction of an outdoor kitchen at her single family home at 9188 Estero River Circle.  The applicant was told to reschedule and provide photographs.

Additional information is provided in the minutes of this meeting.