Public Hearings

McDonald’s at Grande Oaks Shoppes

Representatives for the McDonald’s at Grande Oaks Shoppes Blvd. at Corkscrew Road and Ben Hill Griffin Parkway requested approval for the upgrades they are proposing to the landscaping materials, along with the addition of a 350-square foot outdoor patio on the south side of their building.  They plan to remove some of the grass, which requires more water and fertilizer, and replace it with ground cover, shrubs and palm trees.

The Board approved this request with the stipulation they add 20 gallon jasmine plants and change out the jatropha in front of the ladder with podocarpus or green arboricola. (Presentation)

The Reef II

The Reef II is a 60-unit student housing development located on the northeast corner of Estero Parkway and Three Oaks Parkway.  Their representatives were requesting approval of a development order for this second phase of The Reef I.

The Reef II has three different building designs, all using the same materials and design elements as those used in The Reef I.  The proposed amenities include a pool, fire pit and water fountain.  They are proposing enhanced landscaping along with interconnectivity between the two phases, as well as to the university and shopping.

The Board approved this request with the stipulation that a gate be added to the west portion of the property to enhance connectivity.  (Presentation)

Estero United Methodist Church

Estero United Methodist Church, located at 8188 Lords Way Street, south of Broadway and east of US 41, was requesting approval of the development order for the first phase of the changes they are planning on their site, including enhanced landscape buffers along US 41 and the southern portion of their property, monument sign and site amenities.

This first phase includes the addition of a new building adjacent to the existing sanctuary, as well as additional parking.  Fifty percent of their added parking areas will be grass, which is permitted for churches.

There will be a clustering of shade trees and a public seating area at the southern end of their property along US 41 and the dry detention area and on Highlands Avenue.

Their monument sign will be modified to blend with the architecture.

This request was approved with the stipulation that the representatives contact LeeTran regarding moving their bus stop closer to the public seating area. (Presentation)

Highland Oaks Drive at University Highlands

The applicant was requesting approval for minor changes to their Development Orders. This property is north of Miromar Outlet Drive and west of Ben Hill Griffin Parkway.

They have removed the exotics on these outparcels and are proposing to add sod to all the landscape buffer areas and seed the center portions.  They will be adding a number of buffer tree plantings along with temporary seating areas to the three outparcels to give a parklike appearance along the sidewalk. (Presentation)

The Board approved this application.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next meeting will be at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, February 22, 2017.