June 3, 2015, Council Meeting

//June 3, 2015, Council Meeting

Representatives of two proposed East Corkscrew Road developments called WildBlue and Corkscrew Farms, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida, Estero Council of Community Leaders, Estero Fire Rescue and two Estero residents took to the podium to address the Council’s proposed resolution in opposition to further development on Corkscrew Road without first conducting a comprehensive transportation, environmental and wildlife study.

The developers and lawyers for both projects addressed the concessions each has made, including donating a regional park to the County, and stated that both projects would provide a public benefit to the community.

Opponents stated that allowing these developments was the beginning of urbanizing the rural area, would add to the existing traffic issues on Corkscrew Road, and could negatively impact the county’s drinking water supply and wildlife.

Council members stated their goal is to maintain the quality of life in Estero so it’s critical that the study be completed before these developments are initiated to determine how the addition of more than 2,400 homes on Corkscrew Road, combined with the 4,900 existing homes, would affect traffic and the safety of Estero residents.

The resolution passed unanimously.

The Council voted to establish a Community Development Director position.  This position could be either an employee of the Village or a contractor or consultant.  This person will provide information to builders and developers about the Village’s land use policies and procedures, and advise and assist the Planning and Zoning Board and the Design Review Board.

An ordinance was approved to expedite participation in the national flood program to prevent any lapse in the current rating discount the community currently has experienced.

Additional details are included in the minutes of this meeting.