Remember even though power has been restored to your home, it does not mean that power has been restored to all lift stations within your neighborhood.

Residents are requested to conserve water due to the continued power outages, which reduce the capacity for waste water to flow to the treatment plant.

Ways to conserve water

*limit the amount of toilet flushing

*abstain from running dishwashers and clothes washers

*limit the amount of water used during a shower or the amount to fill the bathtub

Customers will be notified once the waste water collection system is fully restored to normal operations.

Public Works

Lee County Emergency Management reminds residents to avoid placing electric extension cords across roadways.  These cords present an electrical hazard and prevent solid waste workers, utility crews and first responders from completing their work.

Residents are asked to begin placing hurricane debris at the curb to be collected by haulers.  Haulers under contract to Lee County Solid Waste and area municipalities will never request payment from residents for picking up residential trash, hurricane debris or other waste.  For more information about the right way to organize your debris,