May 3, 2016, Planning & Zoning Board special meeting

///May 3, 2016, Planning & Zoning Board special meeting

Public Hearing



Jim Wallace, Managing Partner of Genova Partners, presented their request to rezone 16.95 acres of land at 9050 Corkscrew Road from agricultural and commercial to residential to allow for development of 205 residential units.

The amenities would include a clubhouse, fitness center, resort pool, indoor lap pool and bocce court.  The buildings would feature Italian architecture and the height would be 45 feet, or three residential floors over a parking level.  There also will be one-story attached villas with random rooflines facing Via Coconut Point.

Genova Partners is also asking for consideration of 12 deviations including reducing the buffer area from 25 feet to 10 feet, narrowing their streets to 20 feet width, reducing the number of parking spaces at the clubhouse, reducing the open space from 40 feet to 35 feet, among others.

This property is on the southwest corner of Corkscrew Road and Via Coconut Point and is located in the new Village Center land use category.

The staff did not recommend approval of the proposal at this time as the Village’s Comprehensive Plan amendments and Land Development Code amendments for this Village Center category have not yet been adopted.

The Board voted to continue this hearing until Tuesday, June 21, 2016.

(See Genova Pattern Book Presentation)

Public Information Meeting


Genova Partners also is requesting to vacate two right-of-way easements on their property. One is for the initial right-of-way for the extension of Sandy Lane or Via Coconut Point.  Since this is no longer necessary, they wish to have it vacated.

The second right-of-way was for 25 feet at the south end of their property which had previously been determined to be the access road to the Estero Community Park.

The Village Council will make a decision on this at a public hearing at a later date.

Additional information is available in the minutes of this meeting.