November 15, 2016, Planning & Zoning Board meeting

///November 15, 2016, Planning & Zoning Board meeting

Public Hearings

Coconut Point Honda

hondaCoconut Point Ventures, LLC, requested a setback deviation for a monument sign on their property at 22240 S. Tamiami Trail.  The requested setback was for five feet instead of 10 feet the Planning & Zoning Board approved on May 17, 2016.  .

The applicant noted that RaceTrac and Coconut Ford have monument signs set at 5 feet and 6 feet, r
espectively. These sign setbacks were approved by the County before Estero was incorporated.  The applicant also stated that, because of the 20 foot buffer, the vegetation would obscure the signage if it were at 10 feet as the sign would be in the middle of the landscaping.

The Board voted 5 – 2 to approve this deviation with the condition that this decision is limited to this particular Commercial Planned Development (CPD) but not to any other areas within the Village. (Presentation)

Coconut Point Tract 1 A

coconut-point-holdingsThe applicant is requesting an amendment allowing up to 200 apartment units with 383 parking spaces on their property east of Via Coconut and south of Williams Road.  The height of the four proposed buildings would be 45 ft.

This application includes a zoning change and 5 deviations.  Lee County had previously approved 200 assisted living units for this site.

A lengthy presentation was given by the applicant on the need for additional apartments in Estero and describing their transportation study, among other topics.  (Presentation)

Public Comment: nine residents spoke about their concerns regarding this project; two spoke in favor of the project.  The Board also received a number of emails from residents asking them to recommend Council not approve this project.

Due to the length of the applicant’s presentation, the Village Staff will present their recommendations to the Board at the Planning & Zoning Board’s meeting on Tuesday, December 13.

Estero United Methodist Church

estero-united-methodist-churchRepresentatives for the Estero United Methodist Church are proposing a number of changes to their sanctuary, including an expansion to the building for classrooms. They plan to increase the sanctuary seating from 500 to 1,000 seats, add a storage building and a courtyard and expand their thrift shop.

The site also will include pedestrian connectivity with two enhanced public seating areas, one of US 41 and the other on Highlands Blvd.

Some of these changes are planned for the future, but they want to start work on the sanctuary as soon as possible.  The proposed architectural design style is “Old Florida.”  (Presentation)

The Board approved this application with a number of conditions including the applicant must connect to the Lee County sewer system once the applicant starts construction on Building 3; they must preserve all heritage trees and show other existing trees on the plan; the monument sign will be moved into conformance with the code and a turn lane be added if required by FDOT.

The Estero United Methodist Church is located on the corner of Lords Way and US 41.

Ordinance 2016-14            

This ordinance addresses a temporary moratorium on cannabis dispensing businesses.  The Board voted to recommend Council adopt this ordinance.

Board Communications

The Board received the amended PZB Rules of Procedure which they had voted on earlier this year.

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website