“Recycle Smart” – Lee County recycle campaign

//“Recycle Smart” – Lee County recycle campaign

recycleLee County’s Solid Waste Division is launching an educational “Recycle Smart” campaign to help residents understand just what should and should not be placed in their recycle carts.

Because there has been some confusion on the part of “wish-cyclers” who attempt to recycle everything from clothing, foam plastics, and food scraps – all of which adds expense to the recycling process — the County is reminding residents that “when in doubt, throw it out.”

There are only 5 materials which should be placed in the recycle cart: paper, metal, cardboard, plastic and glass.

Lee County is the third fastest growing metro region in the country, with 23,000 new residents added last year.  Since each person generates 1 ton of trash per year, that’s 23,000 more tons of trash for the County to manage.  Thus, the reason for the “Recycle Smart” campaign.  (See PowerPoint)