Residents provide many suggestions for future projects

//Residents provide many suggestions for future projects

Access to the Estero River, bike and pedestrian paths and “green space” were some of the most often mentioned suggestions made by the 42 residents who spoke at the May 24 Capital Improvement Projects workshop.

Over 100 residents attended this workshop held at Legacy Church.

Over 100 residents attended this workshop held at Legacy Church.

However, there were many other topics mentioned including pools and recreational facilities for Estero’s youth; a senior center; transportation for those unable to drive; landscaping medians with native plants; funding for older, redevelopment areas; “Welcome to Estero” signage on US 41, and an art and history museum, among others.

In addition, there were a number of residents who chose not speak but made their suggestions known by writing them on the forms included in the agenda.

Village Manager Steve Sarkozy opened the meeting stating that the Village Council is reviewing Capital Improvement Projects as part of the overall budget process.

The purpose of this workshop was to hear what projects the community believes to be most important so that Council can set priorities and put together a complete plan. Residents unable to attend this meeting are welcome to let Council know their suggestions.

Village Manager Steve Sarkozy

Village Manager Steve Sarkozy

There will be budget workshops and public hearings on the Capital Program on July 6 and 13, and budget public hearings on September 7 and 21. Residents are encouraged to attend.

The Capital Projects will be paid from a portion of the unallocated general fund, gas taxes, impact fees, community park impact fees and regional park impact fees.

By identifying projects based on a 7 year term vs 5 years, the projects could be paid on a cash basis instead of borrowing funds.

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