The Village Council wants to hear from Estero residents

//The Village Council wants to hear from Estero residents

Council asks that residents let them know how they feel about “early voting” in the March 2017 Estero Council election.  They need to hear back from residents either before or during the Council meeting on October 19, 2016, when they will vote on this issue.

electionThe Village Council recently approved an agreement for Election Services between the Village and Sharon Harrington, the Supervisor of Elections of Lee County.

This agreement is for the Village of Estero election next year.  The initial two-year terms of three Councilmembers will expire at that time, and an election will be held in March 2017.  Following that election, all Councilmembers will serve four-year terms which will be staggered so that Estero elections will be held every two years.

The cost for early voting is approximately $50,000.  Since only a small number of residents have taken advantage of early voting in the past, versus the large number of residents choosing to vote by mail or vote on election day, Council may consider not offering early voting to garner this cost savings.

Before Council makes a final decision, they would like to hear from residents how they feel about early voting and if they believe it’s worth the additional expense.

All that is required is a simple “Yes” you believe early voting should be included in the Estero election in 2017 at an additional cost of $50,000, or “No” you don’t believe $50,000 should be spent for early voting.

You may contact your District Councilmember directly before October 19 by going to this link, then click on their email and vote “Yes” or “No”.

Thank you for your participation.