Winds will continue to increase in Lee County throughout today.  Storm surge will follow as winds move onshore.  Everyone should be in their inland locations away from the coast.

The Lee County Emergency Operations Center continues to operate shelters for nearly 30,000 people and 1700 pets.  Space remains available at 3 shelters.  Visit  Germain and Estero Recreation Center are full.

As Hurricane Irma approaches, the Lee County Emergency Operations Center is planning a post-storm response, such as clearing roads, continued shelter operations, search and rescue, mass care/feeding efforts and answering urgent needs.

These shelters have space:

– Harns Marsh Elementary School, 1800 Unice Avenue N., Lehigh Acres

-Miromar Lakes Elementary School, 525 Charwood Ave.S., Lehigh Acres

-Veterans Park Recreation Center, 49 Homestead Road, Lehigh Acres.

Pets are welcome at all shelters. Evacuees are reminded to bring crates or at least have pets on lea