Village raising level of service as it takes over local roads

//Village raising level of service as it takes over local roads

The Village recently took over responsibility for the maintenance of many local roads in Estero and is making every effort to improve the level of service to enhance your experience when traveling within the Village.

Estero is initially “piggy-backing” on previous public contracts in order to provide service enhancements more quickly than would be possible through a formal bidding process. Once such processes are operational, the Village will then complete a formal bidding process for all services; this process will likely take place in the first half of 2017.

Contractors have been notified to increase the frequency of mowing and raise the level of maintenance to what is expected in Estero.

To assist in making sure this happens, the Village is offering a new way of being responsive to issues you may encounter while traveling around Estero. Those issues could range from overgrown median landscape, traffic signal problems, trash in the roadway to a loose animal wandering around in the road.

A new “Request for Action” page has been added to the Village website for your convenience.   Just click on the action required and the Village will make every attempt to respond to all requests in a timely manner and follow-up when the task is complete.

If you keep the Village website as a favorite on your smartphone, you will be able to access the Request for Action link when you see a problem

Roads still under control of Lee County are Three Oaks Parkway, Ben Hill Griffin, Estero Parkway Extension and Corkscrew Road since they all extend outside Estero’s boundaries.  US 41 is a state highway.  (Interlocal agreement/list of roads)