(Left to right) Richard P. Shine, Genelle Grant, Councilmembers Jim Boesch, Jim Wilson, Vice-Mayor Jon McLain, Jim Ward, Larry Fiesel, Joanne Ribble and Mayor Katy Errington.

Council started their meeting by recognizing the board members of the Happehatchee Center for deeding their approximately 5-acre property to the Village of Estero for inclusion in the Estero on the River property. The Happehatchee board members included Ruth King Fotovat, Mary Kline Golbitz Esq., Genelle Grant who served 14 years as president of the Center, Marta Matias, and Richard P. Shine. The Happehatchee Center was purchased in 1976 by Ellen Peterson, an advocate for the environment who turned the property into a nature preserve.

Public Comment: A resident commended the Village on its website and questioned the regulation for pickle ball courts in Estero.

Resolution 2022-01 – Personnel policies

Council approved this resolution to modify the policy for paid time off for staff who have been unable to take time off due to the impacts of COVID-19.

Estero Parkway landscape maintenance contract

Estero Parkway Landscaping

The Estero Parkway landscaping has been maintained by the contractor that installed the landscape material; that contract ends about January 22, 2022.  Council approved adding Estero Parkway landscaping maintenance to the current contract with P & T Lawn and Tractor Service, Inc. for a one-year period, at a rate of $358,276 per year.  They also approved a contingency fund amount of $71,700 (20% contingency) to cover unforeseen circumstances which may occur. This will include repairs of the irrigation system and replacement of plant material, as needed.

Village Manager Steve Sarkozy is authorized to renegotiate and execute the renewal of this contract for three additional one year terms under the same terms and conditions.

National opioid settlement

opoid settlementAttorney General Ashley Moody recently announced historic $26 billion nationwide agreements that will help bring relief to Americans and Floridians who are struggling with opioid addiction. The agreements follow years of litigation efforts against the nation’s major pharmaceutical manufacturers, marketers and distributors of opioids.

Council authorized the Village Manager and Village Attorney to execute any documents necessary to maintain participation in the State of Florida settlement.  If full participation is realized, the Village’s settlement allocation could be approximately $30,866 which could be used only for opioid-related issues.

Ordinance 2022-01 – Capital improvements element

cipThere was a first reading of Ordinance 2022-01, approving an update to the Capital Improvements Element which includes the Capital Improvement Program approved for Fiscal Year 2021/2022.  There will be a second reading and public hearing on Wednesday, January 19, 2022.


Raptor Bay Golf Course renovation