Finance Department

  • Finance Director: Lisa Griggs Roberson, CPA

  • Procurement Manager: Bob Franceschini

  • Finance Clerk: Carla Faxel

  • Finance Clerk: Karen Gudella

  • (239) 221-5035

  • M-F 8-5

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Finance Department

Finance is a service department responsible for maintaining the integrity of the financial functions within the Village. Functions include accounting, financial reporting, cash management, accounts payable and payroll service to all the Village departments. The department is custodian of all Village funds. Responsibilities include budget preparation and administration on a day-to-day basis and the preparation of periodic and annual financial statements.

2019-2020 Budget Village of Estero
2018-2019 Budget Village of Estero
2017-2018 Budget Village of Estero
2016-2017 Budget Village of Estero
2015-2016 Budget Village of Estero
Comprehensive Annual Financial Report- Fiscal Year Ended September 30, 2018