New Florida Building Code 7th Edition (2020)
Effective 12/31/2020
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community development

Community Development Information Center

The Community Development Department coordinates the land use, zoning, site development and permit process. It provides information to the public, builders and developers about the Village’s land use policies and procedures.

Building & Permitting

The Village of Estero Building & Permitting Services processes Commercial and Residential Building permit applications and Reviews Plans for compliance with The Village of Estero Building and Zoning requirements and all provisions of the laws of the State of Florida, and all regulation relating to or applying to Building, Plumbing, Electrical, Low-Voltage, Roofing, Air Conditioning and/or all other types of construction activity.

Planning Zoning and Design Review

The Planning Zoning and Design Board is responsible for: conducting public hearings on development requests, making recommendations to the Village Council on some requests, and taking action on other applications