Public Hearings

Truist Bank

Truist Signage

Representatives for Truist Bank (formerly BBT Bank) were requesting approval for the removal of all existing (BBT) signage and the design of their new monument and directional signs internal to the project.

Truist Bank is located at 20280 Grand Oaks Shoppes Blvd., north of Corkscrew Road and just south of Dunkin Donuts on the east side of Corkscrew Road.  This is their presentation.

The Board voted to approve this application.

Christ Community Ministries

Christ Community MinistriesRepresentatives were requesting a development order to remove existing temporary modular buildings and expand the existing church building by 2,972 square feet and to expand the parking on their 2.3-acre site. This will increase their seating capacity from 150 seats to 247 seats and their total square footage to 9,015 square feet.  The architecture is Old Florida; there will be a public area with park benches and the landscaping will be primarily native and drought tolerant plantings.

The church is located at the northwest corner of County Road and Highlands Avenue, immediately east of the Estero Fire Rescue Station 41.  This is their presentation.

The Board voted to approve this development order.

AAAA PreK-8 school

AAAA k-8 school

Representatives of the School District of Lee County were requesting a development order for the construction of an elementary and middle school and monument sign to be located at 20897 Three Oaks Parkway.

They have added landscaping in strategic areas of the property, adding nine 20 – 24’ palm trees along the building face, seventeen 14 – 16’ tall palms along the building face and 48 additional palms of various sizes to different areas of the site. There will also be an enhanced buffer next to the adjacent residential community. The school will sit four football field lengths from Three Oaks Parkway and two football field lengths from I-75, which has an existing natural buffer.

Regarding the building’s architecture, they have added arches to the parapets and added a variance in height of the canopies where the students will be dropped off.  The monument sign will reflect the colors of the school, which are varying shades of taupe with bronze trim.

The School District plans call for the construction of a PreK-8 school, gym and central energy facility along with infrastructure.  They expect to open with 1800 students and grow to 2350 students at some point in the future.  Children will be in school during the hours of 8:55 a.m. to 3:55 p.m.

The School District plans to have a traffic signal with cross walks at the school entrance and Laurel Oak Drive in Country Creek on the west side of Three Oaks Parkway.  There will also be a 700-ft. dual southbound left turn lane and 300-ft. northbound right turn lane.

The property is a 68.5-acre undeveloped parcel, located south of Copper Oaks, southeast of the Post Office and bounded by Three Oaks Parkway on the west and I-75 on the east.

This is their presentation.

Public Comment: 1 resident spoke of his concerns regarding noise and traffic created by the school.  3 eComment cards were received in opposition to the school based on traffic, drainage and other concerns; 1 eComment card was received in favor of the school.

The Board approved the development order as it was presented that evening with the variations that staff raised, including that the school provide a secondary access for emergencies only.

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website.

The next Planning & Zoning Board meeting is scheduled for 4:30 p.m., November 9, 2021.