Abbiati Dental & Medical Office Building

The Board conducted a public information meeting for the proposed Abbiati Emergency Dental Office Building located on a 1.45-acre vacant parcel on the west side of US 41, south of the Fountain Lakes entrance.

Their preliminary plans call for 10,000-square feet for dental offices and possibly 5,000-square feet for general office use.  They plan to offer walk-in services for residents experiencing a dental emergency.

The building would face the street with parking behind it. The architecture is Prairie style.  Among the list of green and sustainable building features are a Tesla solar roof and power wall storage system, rainwater harvesting and cistern for landscape watering and recycled materials where possible.  They also plan to have a covered seating area for the public.

Public Comment: 9 residents from Fountain Lakes spoke and 100 eComment cards were received expressing concerns about safety, traffic and access through the Fountain Lakes entry.

No Voting occurs during public information meetings.

Via Coconut

Via Coconut

A public information meeting was conducted for a request for a development order for Via Coconut’s mixed use development of 330 multi-family units, 29,598-square feet of commercial uses, a 10,000-square foot church and a one-acre public park on Via Coconut Point across from Genova.

The public amenities include a dog park, pocket park, meandering multi-use path, fishing pier with bike rack and the one-acre park being donated to the Village.  Their plans call for multi-family buildings, commercial with potential restaurants and retail, a church and the park.

They will have a mixture of lakes and stormwater vaults and a filter marsh, and two access points on Via Coconut with a future pedestrian and vehicular access to the west. Presentation.

Public Comment: 1 resident of Genova asked a question regarding median landscaping.

No voting occurs during public information meetings.


Estero Crossing

Estero Crossing

A workshop was held for Estero Crossing to review the residential component of their development.  The applicant is requesting a development order to construct the residential portion of Estero Crossing which includes six residential buildings, an amenity center and associated parking lots.

The applicant stated the name of the residential portion of Estero Crossing is now Corsa at Estero Crossing. He also addressed the revised colors of the six residential buildings in order to be consistent with the pattern book. Each of the buildings will have the same paint colors but each building will have a unique articulation so that they are not exactly identical.  The paint colors are the same as the commercial portion of Estero Crossing.

Estero Crossing is located west of I-75, south of Corkscrew Road and east of Lowe’s Plaza.

There was no public input.

No voting occurs during workshops.

Public Hearing

Ordinance 2022-01 – Capital improvements element

cipThe Board reviewed Ordinance 2022-01, approving the updated schedule for the Capital Improvement Program for Fiscal Year 2021/2022.  The Board voted to recommend Council approve this ordinance for Council’s adoption.

Board Communication: The Village land use attorney led a discussion of the state’s prohibitive conflict of interest and ethics directive pertaining to a Board member representing clients presenting to the Board.

Residents may view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Planning Zoning & Design Board meeting will be held at 4:30 p.m., February 8, 2022.