Basic Guidance for the Legal Use of Signs in Estero

August 2014

This document is designed to provide citizen education and awareness.  It summarizes often-complex provisions and thus is not intended as, and cannot be used for, precise legal authority. Legal counsel or Lee County Code Enforcement should be contacted for any further clarification and assistance that may be desired.  (Contacts at end of document.)

The community of Estero — widely praised for its attractive appearance, amenities and quality of life – has strict but sensible standards for architecture, landscaping and other land use matters. These standards include the signs that are allowed in the community. There are, in the Lee County Land Development Code (LDC), a number of legal limits and restrictions on signage that must be respected . . . unless and until any such restrictions are successfully changed through the established legal process that involves Estero residents and both county and community officials.

This brief document focuses on the most common violations found in Estero in recent years and is not a comprehensive summary of the signage portion of the LDC. (In the discussion that follows, items in section 33 of the Code are provisions unique to Estero, while items in section 30 are Countywide provisions not unique to Estero.)