retention ponds

Everybody has a role to play in prevising/improving the quality of water that we discharge to the Estero River and Estero Bay. Including our communities.  If each of us do our part, we can get our water quality back to where we it needs to be.  There are simple practices each community can incorporate into our operation and maintenance routines that will prevent pollutants from entering and harming our waterways.

Following are some suggestions.  If you know of other please, let us know and we will add them to our list.


Community Rules – that emphasize protection

  • Consider adopting Florida Friendly community wide landscaping standards. Less lawn means less fertilizers.
  • Limit fertilization as much as possible. Excess nutrients end up in the ponds promoting algal blooms and reduced water quality.
  • Consider community wide fertilization black out from June to September.
  • Help enforce water restrictions.
  • Require home owners to follow appropriate landscape maintenance standards. Appropriately maintained landscaping is more resilient.

Golf Course

  • Consider limiting intense golf course maintenance to playable areas only. Allow other areas can become more natural.
  • Consider nutrients in irrigation water (if irrigated with reclaimed water) when fertilizing. Reclaimed water contains nutrients which reduces your fertilization needs.  Adding more will only fertilize your ponds.
  • Don’t over irrigate. More is not better.
Storm Drain Wastewater

Stormwater System

  • Only rainfall goes into storm drainage.
    1. Don’t blow grass clippings into storm drainage or ponds
    2. Pressuring washing should be done without chemicals. If chemicals are used, water must be prevented from entering storm drains and pond.
  • Allow shorelines to become “natural.” Don’t mow up to the water’s edge. Allow wetland plants to grow along the pond’s edge.  This helps stabilize the shoreline and clean the pond water.
  • Eliminate or limit the use of weed control chemicals. Chemicals kill more than the intended targets.
  • Consider implementing a water quality testing program. This will provide a snap shot of how your system is functioning and may provide insight into areas where improvements could be needed.  This Village can help your community create a monitoring program and interpret the data.  Please contact Village Public Works if you would like help creating a monitoring program.