The Planning & Zoning Board conducted a public hearing for amendments to the Comprehensive Plan pertaining to the 10-year water supply facilities work plan and wetlands at their meeting on June 28.

Florida Statutes require that a regional water supply plan be conducted within 18 months following the South Florida Water Management District plan update.

Johnson Engineering reviewed the water supply from Lee County Utilities and Bonita Springs Utilities and determined there will be an adequate supply for the Village of Estero for the next ten years (2030).  (Work Plan)

There was also an amendment to modify and clarify wetland language in reference to the Comprehensive Plan challenge.

The Board voted to recommend Council transmit both of these amendments to the state for approval.

Corkscrew Crossing renderingA public hearing was also conducted for the Corkscrew Crossing.  This proposed community of 590 single and two-family homes and townhouses near their amenity center is located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, east of I-75 between Wildcat Run and the Preserve at Corkscrew.

An ecologist presenting for the applicant stated that this development will be preserving 57% of the higher quality vegetation on this site.  He stated these 225 acres are the highest quality uplands and wetlands which connect with other preserves.  The wildlife crossing will be 700 feet wide, buffered and is funded for construction in a couple of years.

The presenters stated they have approval from the South Florida Water Management District for their water quality plan and do not expect any negative impacts to neighboring wetlands.  They stated that the water level rise in a 100-year storm event will not adversely affect the neighboring communities.

The presenters also stated that the Lee County Department of Transportation has indicated that the four laning of Corkscrew Road will be adequate for the next 10 years. It is possible that a traffic signal will be warranted in the future and the developer will monitor the traffic and, if needed, they will pay their proportionate share.

Upon approval, they have offered $750,000 to enhance other environmentally sensitive lands in the community.  (Presentation)

Public Comment: 7 residents spoke with some expressing concerns regarding water flow, wildlife, traffic and school bus traffic.

The Board voted to recommend Council approve the zoning amendment with staff conditions.

The next Planning & Zoning Board meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, July 16, 2019.