Public Comment on non-agenda items

Five residents spoke in favor of purchasing and protecting the River Oaks Preserve, a 10-acre property located at 9541 East Broadway Avenue.

Beverly MacNellis asked that Council support the purchase of a platinum sponsorship for the party honoring Don Eslick on November 16, 2019.

Action Items

Millage Rate – Resolution No. 2019-10

budgetCouncil voted to adopt this resolution  determining the proposed millage rate for fiscal year 2019-2020.  The proposed millage rate is 0.7750 mills, ($0.7750 per $1,000 of assessed property value) which is equal to the current year’s rate.  (Resolution)

Councilmember Jim Wilson asked that staff review the financial impact of reducing the rate to .774 and lower, and to bring that information back to the first public hearing.

The two public hearings for the millage rate will be held on September 4, at 5:30 p.m. and September 18, at 5:30 p.m.

Sovereignty Submerged Lands Lease – Resolution No. 2019-11

Estero RiverThis item addresses the dock located on the north side of the Estero River on the Estero on the River property, which is leased to the Estero Outfitters.

Council voted to adopt this resolution that addresses the submerged land leased from the State of Florida’s Department of Environmental Protection.

The change in ownership of the property to the Village requires a modification to the Sovereignty Submerged Lands Lease with a one-time transfer fee of $657, an annual lease fee of $531 and a lease processing fee of $657 every five years.  (Resolution)

Estero River Sedimentation Analysis – RFQ 2019-01

Council approved a contract with Coastal Engineering Consultants, Inc. to perform a sedimentation analysis of the Estero River for $94,180.  The contractor will travel the river by boat from Estero Bay up to Sandy Lane to see where problems exist, then provide a design and permitting for corrective action.  (Summary Sheet)

Public Hearing

Capital Improvement Program – Resolution No. 2019-09

cipCouncil voted to adopt this resolution providing a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) budget at $26,038,890 and approving funding for the fiscal year 2019-20 capital projects. The budget for the CIP projects include: Roadway $9,105,350, Intersection $13,729,630, Bicycle and Pedestrian $330,000, Landscaping and Beautification $1,590,160 Parks and Recreation $1,283,750.   (Resolution)

Comprehensive Plan amendments – Public Hearing and 1st Reading of Ordinances No. 2019-23 and 2019-24

Council voted to pass the first reading of Ordinance No. 2019-23 which is an amendment to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan to change the text to reference the Village’s 10-Year Water Supply Facilities Work Plan.  This is a state requirement which demonstrates there will be enough water supply for the Village of Estero through 2030.

Ordinance No. 2019-24 is an amendment to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan to change the text of Future Land Use Policy 1.2.3. relating to wetlands, allowing higher density for the protection of wetlands.

Public Comment: Patty Whitehead spoke against this amendment.

Council voted to pass this first reading of Ordinance 2019-24.

Corkscrew Crossing – Ordinance No. 2019-25 first reading

Corkscrew Crossing renderingCorkscrew Crossing is a proposed community of 590 single and two-family homes and townhouses located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, east of I-75 between Wildcat Run and the Preserve at Corkscrew.

Council voted to pass the first reading of this ordinance approving with conditions a Zoning Amendment with deviations to permit this residential community.

Additional details will be available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, August 4, 2019.