Public Hearing

Council congratulated (front left) Village Land Use Attorney Nancy Stroud and Community Development Director Mary Gibbs on being inducted into the American Institute of Certified Planners, College of Fellows.  Only 7 people in the state of Florida were selected for this award, including Gibbs and Stroud, and only 64 nationwide.

Public Comment on non-agenda items: 18 residents from The Cascades community spoke in opposition to the possibility of a roundabout on Estero Parkway located at the entrance to their community.

Public Hearing

 ComTerra Development LLC Council continued a public hearing for the ComTerra Development LLC regarding their proposed 128-room hotel located at 23400 Walden Center Drive south of Coconut Road.

Amenities for what will be a national flag hotel will include a pool, meeting space, public computers and public gathering space.

Council approved the final zoning plan subject to the conditions in Resolution No. 2018-06 and including the fact there will not be access to the Pelican Landing beach park and recreational facilities amenities as well as no shared use with the Coconut Point Hyatt Regency Resort recreational facilities.

Action Items

Comprehensive Plan adoption

Village of EsteroCouncil set the first hearing date for the Comprehensive Plan adoption for 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, June 13, 2018.

Land Development Code RFQ

Council approved an agreement for professional services with Clarion Associates for the Land Development Code for $322,865, budgeted over two fiscal years.  In addition, $45,000 has been budgeted for assistance from the Village’s land use counsel, Nancy Stroud.  Staff plans to revise the total cost of the Land Development Code in the fiscal year 2018/19 budget process to reflect actual contractual obligations.

Lawn & Tractor Service Contract

Council approved a Request for Bids for roadway irrigation maintenance for the Village of Estero to P&T Lawn and Tractor Service, Inc. to provide irrigation system maintenance services for a one year period.


Stormwater Master Plan

StormwaterElizabeth Fountain, J.R. Evans Engineering, gave a presentation on the Stormwater Master Plan Project.

The goals of the plan include improving the understanding of the regional hydrology affecting the Village, accessing the existing stormwater facilities and identifying flood mitigation projects.

The regional scale model used in the plan extends from Estero Bay to Lehigh Acres.  Four main waterways are included in the overall watershed area including the north, south and main branches of the Estero River and Halfway Creek.

A map of the recorded high water marks following the storm events of August/September 2017 is included in this presentation. (Presentation)

Additional details are available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, May 16, 2018.