Corkscrew Crossing renderingCouncil conducted a public hearing to adopt a compliance agreement to resolve an administrative challenge to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan by ARGO Land Development and the Richard I. Templeton Family Trust regarding their Corkscrew Crossing property.

Corkscrew Crossing is a 395-acre property located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, between Wildcat Run and The Preserve.

Council also conducted a second reading and approval of ordinances addressing a Comprehensive Plan text amendment to the Future Land Use Policy 1.2.3 Wetlands and the Corkscrew Crossing Zoning Amendment.

The change in zoning reduces the amount of homes originally allowed in 2007 by Lee County from 724 residences to 590 residences.  Other changes include changing the residences from multifamily units to primarily single-family units, reducing the height of the buildings to a maximum of two stories, with the clubhouse at three stories.  In addition, the developer will be removing all the exotics on the property, will s