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Keeping the best and brightest for Estero's future

The best way to improve the long-term economy, quality of life, and residential satisfaction is to invest in the education of its student population. To improve the retention and quality of all ages of students in Estero, the Estero Education Initiative is activating volunteers to mentor, coach, guide and teach our students.

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Partners in Education

The Village of Estero and Lee County Schools’ leadership signed a Memorandum of Understanding committing to assuring that our students are well-prepared to enter the workforce, and to encourage the “best and brightest” to keep their talents in Southwest Florida.

Councilman Nick Batos, the Village of Estero’s liaison to Lee County Schools, collaborated with the Lee County School Board and the Principals of our Estero schools to evaluate how to best utilize Estero volunteers to make the most of their talents and experiences for the benefit of our students. A variety of opportunities are now available including tutors, mentors, and many others. The opportunities are also flexible as to days and hours as well as functions.

You are now invited to join the many volunteers that give their time and talents to our Estero community. Our school volunteer program acts as a vehicle to provide additional educational resources to students, teachers, and other staff members. Each person involved with our school-level volunteer program performs an essential role.

We look forward to receiving your Education Ambassador application and sincerely appreciate your willingness to give back to our Estero Community. Please help us to spread the word by sharing this with your friends, neighbors and Estero community contacts.



  • Lee County School Foundation
  • Estero Chamber of Commerce
  • Estero Council of Community Leaders
  • Junior Achievement Volunteer Program


  • Memorandum of Understanding signed


Don’t have time but want to support this effort? Donations can be made that directly support the recruitment, training and placement of local volunteers in Estero schools.


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