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Daily Stats (Updated 4/9/2020 at 5:00 pm)

As of today, Lee Health has:

  • 74 COVID-19 patients isolated in our hospitals
  • Submitted 5,214 specimens for testing
  • Discharged 60 patients
  • 132 employees quarantined; 24 employees exposed at work and positive with COVID-19
  • Click here for graphs showing a running total of specimens sent for testing and positive cases hospitalized.


Today’s News

Faster Test Results for Our Community

We are happy to share that since we started in-house testing, the backlog of pending test results in our community has significantly decreased. As of this morning, we only have 25 tests pending, and our team is working around the clock to provide faster results for our patients and community.


We Are Honored

We would like to thank Nick Libretto for his grand gesture of appreciation for our health care heroes. Nick is a local business owner, a retired Cape Coral firefighter and a proud father of a HealthPark Medical Center nurse. He brought a firetruck to Cape Coral Hospital with a 50-foot banner that read “You Are Our Heroes.” Our staff felt honored and inspired by the salute. Nick plans to display the firetruck and the message at all of our hospitals. Be sure to follow @LeeHealth on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to see where Nick leaves his powerful message next.


The Healthy News Blog is Full of Information to Help You Through COVID-19

Check out Lee Health’s Healthy News blog, which is focused on COVID-19 and includes helpful tips on managing stress, boosting your immune system, social distancing and more.


Kudos, Food and Nutrition Services!

Our Food and Nutrition Services team is working hard to support our patients and staff by providing nearly 10,000 meals a day. They continue to support our patients and staff during this unprecedented time, and it is greatly appreciated.