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Daily Stats (Updated 4/22/2020 at 5:30 pm)

As of today, Lee Health has:

  • 70 COVID-19 patients isolated in our hospitals
  • Submitted 8,494 specimens for testing
  • Discharged 153 patients
  • 165 employees quarantined; 30 employees exposed at work and positive with COVID-19
  • Click here for graphs showing a running total of specimens collected for testing and positive cases hospitalized.


Today’s News

A Message from Dr. Larry Antonucci

There is no doubt that reopening, resuming services, returning to “normal” and recovery is top-of-mind for a lot of us right now. As Lee County’s major health care destination, Lee Health has the privilege, honor and responsibility of caring for our community. This duty and commitment require us to strike the delicate balance of resuming services while safeguarding against a second wave of cases that could strain our facilities. The decisions on how to proceed are important and require collaboration with local government, so leaders from Lee Health have engaged in conversations with local leaders and supplied data to help inform the decision-making process. While we all determine the next steps, one thing we know is that reopening will not be a return to life as we knew it before COVID-19. We will need to proceed cautiously into a new normal with continued masking, social distancing and hand hygiene habits in place to protect ourselves and each other.


Be a Lifesaver: Donate Blood this Friday, April 24 

You can help us ensure a healthy blood supply in our community. Join us 2-6 p.m., Friday, April 24, at 9924 Gulf Coast Main Street (at Gulf Coast Town Center), and donate blood. We conduct blood drives using appropriate infection control mechanisms to assure the safety of the