The Village of Estero has compiled the most recent daily updates from the State of Florida, Lee County and the Village of Estero.  This compilation provides updates from the governmental perspective.  The information provided below was developed by our partner agencies for public consumption.

Village of Estero Update

Village Hall has closed the public lobbies as of 5:00 p.m., Monday, March 23.

  • We will still be accepting online applications, records requests, requests for action related to roads and landscaping, and general inquiries.
  • Our phone lines will remain open and we will have available a dropbox for paper building application
  • Health Data: https://fdoh.maps.arcgis.com/apps/opsdashboard/index.html#/8d0de33f260d444c852a615dc7837c86
    • Global Confirmed Cases: 4,126,154 (283,387 deaths)
    • U.S. Confirmed Cases: 1,329,885 (79,531 deaths)
    • Florida Confirmed Cases: 40,596 (1,721 deaths, 7,171 hospitalizations, 539,630 tests, 7.5% positive rate) (see attached graph)
    • Lee County Confirmed Cases: 1,268 (65 deaths, 319 hospitalizations, 14,289 tests, 8.9% positive rate)
    • Estero Confirmed Cases: 52 (unknown death and hospitalization numbers)
  • CDC
    • Practice “social distancing” by remaining at least 6 feet fro