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Daily Stats  (updated 4/13/2020 at 6:00 pm)

Today’s Stats
Lee Health has:
  • 75 COVID-19 patients isolated in our hospitals
  • Submitted 13,421 specimens for testing
  • Discharged 341 patients
  • 241 employees quarantined; 31 employees exposed at work and positive with COVID-19
  • Click here for graphs showing a running total of specimens collected for testing and positive cases hospitalized.
Today’s News
A Message from Dr. Larry Antonucci
Later this week, Lee Health will begin serology testing, which is a test that shows the presence of coronavirus antibodies in a patient’s blood. While helpful in showing us how the virus has spread in our community, it is important to note that the presence of antibodies does not equate to immunity. There is much we still don’t know about COVID-19, and more research needs to be done to know how the presence of antibodies impacts a person’s overall immunity. Serology tests can be drawn in physician offices or at Lee Health Labs. Anyone curious if they have been exposed to the virus can request a test from their doctor.
Whether you pursue serology testing and find out you have antibodies or not, we all must continue the habits that have helped us fight COVID-19 so far—physical distancing, wearing a mask while in public and practicing good hand hygiene. For the sake of yourself and others, especially those most vulnerable in our community, please do not become complacent, instead continue doing your part to slow the spread.
Lee TeleHealth Reinstating Fees
Over the last few months, Lee Health has provided thousands of free Lee TeleHealth