SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 6/9/2020)


Globally 7,039,918 cases (108,918)
404,396 deaths (3,539)
Western Pacific Region 192,335 cases (1,060)
7,121 deaths(9)
European Region 2,303,361 cases (16,801)
184,671 deaths (551)
South-East Asia Region 378,118 cases (13,922)
10,376 deaths (406)
Eastern Mediterranean Region 658,614 cases (17,185)
14,913 deaths (311)
Region of the Americas 3,366,251 cases (54,864)
183,950 deaths (2 146)
African Region 140,498 cases (5,086)
3,352 deaths (116)
  • More than 7 million cases of COVID-19 and over 400 000 deaths have now been reported to WHO. Although the situation in Europe is improving, globally it is worsening. On Sunday, more than 136 000 cases were reported, the most in a single day so far. In countries seeing positive signs, the WHO Director-General warned
    in his media briefing yesterday ‘the biggest threat now is complacency’.
  • The WHO Regional Office for the Americas has published a guide with recommendations on measures to reduce COVID-19 transmission among indigenous populations, Afro-descendants, and other ethnic groups. The recommendations focus on promoting hygiene, social distancing, and improving access to basic health services in these communities.
  • WHO fully supports equality and the global movement against racism. We encourage all those protesting around the world to do so safely: as much as possible, keep at least 1 metre from others, clean your hands, cover your cough and wear a mask if you attend a protest.
  • WHO has published 14 new community and risk engagement posters on parenting during the pandemic. Some of the topics that these posters cover include: learning through play, keeping calm and managing stress, keeping children safe online, family budgeting in times of financial stress, and talking about COVID-19