SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 6/23/2020)


Globally 8,993,659 cases (133,326)
469,587 deaths (3,847)
Western Pacific Region 206,948 cases (1,037)
7,340 deaths (11)
European Region 2,562,642 cases (18,864)
193,794 deaths (428)
South-East Asia Region 620,115 cases (19,924)
18,119 deaths (385)
Eastern Mediterranean Region 933,052 cases (18,534)
20,997 deaths (466)
Region of the Americas 4,437,946 cases (67,425)
224,207 deaths (2,436)
African Region 232,215 cases (7,542)
5,117 deaths (121)
  • On 27 June, WHO Director-General Dr Tedros will join other global leaders and artists in the Global Goal: Unite for Our Future campaign, concert and summit, being organised by Global Citizen in support of the global COVID-19 response. The event will provide governments, corporate leaders and philanthropists with a platform to make their commitments towards the  fair distribution of tools and treatments for COVID-19. WHO’s Regional Office for the Americas has been chosen as a regional implementing partner.
  • WHO Director-General Dr Tedros, in his regular media briefing, urged countries to double down on the fundamental public health measures, while facing the delicate balance between protecting their people and minimizing the social and economic damage caused by the  pandemic. “It’s not a choice between lives and livelihoods. Countries can do both.”
  • WHO updated its Q&A page to include information on dexamethasone and COVID-19. Today’s ‘Subject in Focus’ , provides a summary of a webinar on Sports events and COVID-19: from lockdown to a new start.