SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 6/6/2020)


Globally 6,663,304 cases (127,950)
392,802 deaths (5,647)
Western Pacific Region 189,030 cases (637)
7,092 deaths (11)
European Region 2,249,999 cases (19,293)
183,128 deaths (963)
South-East Asia Region 336,577 cases (13,714)
9,316 deaths (374)
Eastern Mediterranean Region 605,026 cases (17,996)
14,024 deaths (304)
Region of the Americas 3,155,370 cases (70,853)
176,167 deaths (3,891)
African Region 126,561 cases (5,457)
3,062 deaths (104)
  • Community health mobilizers are on the frontlines of Angola’s COVID-19 response, increasing awareness of COVID-19 among the general population by conducting home visits and social mobilization campaigns in local markets and other busy communal areas.
  • This year on World Environment Day on 5 June, people around the world celebrated biodiversity and called for the preservation of nature, as human impact on the environment has increased the risk of emerging infectious diseases in humans: over 60% of emerging infectious diseases originate from animals, mainly from wildlife. The need to lessen our impact on the environment is being emphasised in the context of post-COVID-19 recovery, in order to reduce at source the risk of future
  • WHO has published an updated interim guidance on Key planning recommendations for mass gatherings in the context of COVID-19, which reflects the evolution of the pandemic and the most recent WHO recommendations on COVID-19, summarized in the ‘Subject in Focus’ below. The guidance provides advice to host governments, health authorities and event organizers on containing COVID-19 risks associated with a mass gathering, and on mitigating the likelihood of strain on health services.