SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/1/2020)


Globally 10,357,662 cases (163,939)
508,055 deaths (4,188)
Africa 306,794 cases (9,504)
6,192 deaths (182)
Americas 5,218,590 cases (81,885)
249.318 deaths (2.189)
Eastern Mediterranean 1,077,426 cases (19,371)
24,970 deaths (547)
Europe 2,728,059 cases (27,624)
197,874 deaths (615)
South-East Asia 808,906 cases (23,975)
22,235 deaths (642)
Western Pacific 217,146 cases (1,580)
7,453 deaths (13)
  • It has never been clearer that communication is an important public health intervention that contributes to controlling pandemics. The WHO Regional Office for Europe discusses this and
    the risks of an “infodemic” – an overabundance of information, some of which can be misleading or even harmful. WHO launched the first Infodemiology conference on 29 June,
    which includes talks with experts on how the infodemic affects the world and reflections on how it can be managed.
  • Cambodia has been responding to a measles outbreak at the same time as the COVID-19 outbreak. WHO has supported efforts for routine immunization in Cambodia at health care
    facilities, and in the community through outreach teams.
  • WHO has published an update to the scientific brief on smoking and COVID-19, which assesses the available evidence on the risk of smokers being infected by the virus, severity of disease,
    and deaths among hospitalized COVID-19 patients who smoke. The conclusion remains that smoking appears associated with increased severity of disease and death in hospitalized
    COVID-19 patients.
  • In today’s Subject in Focus below, we provide an update on WHO’s efforts to bolster the COVID19 supply chain system.