Lee County Update

  • Learn more about limerock mining in Lee County by visiting https://fal.cn/39gVN.
  • Since March 14, 2020, Lee County has procured approximately 2.3 million PPE items from the state. These items have been distributed throughout the county to partners, departments, and agencies
  • Should you get tested for COVID-19? The helpful CDC self-checker can help you navigate your next steps based on symptoms and/or exposure: https://fal.cn/39eMK.


Lee County Schools

  • Research shows that children who read each day gain an additional month or more of progress in a calendar year. By reading 20 minutes a day, students improve their literacy competency and score higher on reading assessments annually. Review Commissioner Corcoran’s Summer Reading List.


Lee County Libraries

  • Director of Lee County Public Safety, Lee Mayfield, gives an overview of hurricane season in Lee County. This brief discussion focuses on how to navigate hurricane season including planning early, where to find information, and what makes for a busy hurricane season in Lee County.