SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/21/2020)


Globally 14,562,550 cases (213,637)
607,781 deaths (4,083)
Africa 611,185 cases (13,962)
9,898 deaths (207)
Americas 7,702,075 cases (117,400)
311,569 deaths (2,260)
Eastern Mediterranean 1,400,544 cases (13,249)
35,145 deaths (459)
Europe 3,103,674 cases (24,401)
207,958 deaths (416)
South-East Asia 1,478,141 cases (42,000)
35,121 deaths (733)
Western Pacific 266,190 cases (2,625)
8,077 deaths (8)
    • In his regular media briefing,WHO Director-General Dr Tedros reiterated the importance of contact tracing in all communities affected by COVID-19, stating that “No country can get control of its epidemic if it doesn’t know where the virus is”.
    • A South African hospital has developed an innovative solution to boost COVID-19 testing. Staff in the
      Westfleur Hospital, a public facility in the Western Cape, are refashioning security booths into make shift
      COVID-19 testing centers.
    • The Istanbul Center, run by the WHO Country Office in Turkey together with the Turkish Ministry of Health, improved access to health services for Syrian refugees using online services to provide psychosocial health support, as part of reinforced preventive measures against COVID-19.
    • Countries in the WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region are restarting essential polio immunization campaigns under strict COVID-19 infection prevention and control measures, with Pakistan being the first country to resume campaigns. Other countries in the Region are in the early stages of planning to resume vaccination campaigns when the local epidemiological situation permits.
    • In the ‘Subject in Focus’ below, we feature the highlights of the first global WHO infodemiology conference.