SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/28/2020)


Globally 16,341,920 cases (226,783)

650,805 deaths (4,153)

Africa 726,105 cases (13,185)

12,257 deaths (357)

Americas 8,728,962 cases (118,828)

339,651 deaths (2,212)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,494,697 cases (12,382)

38,371 deaths (439)

Europe 3,261,042 cases (26 311)

210,897 deaths (368)

South-East Asia 1,838,380 cases (52,235)

41,366 deaths (751)

Western Pacific 291,993 cases (3,842)

8,250 deaths (26)

    • WHO has published an interim guidance on Considerations for implementing mass treatment, active case‐
      finding and population-based surveys for neglected tropical diseases in the context of the COVID-19
      pandemic. The document proposes a two-step approach: a risk–benefit assessment, to decide if the
      planned neglected tropical diseases activity should proceed, and a review of a list of precautionary
      measures, to decide how the planned activity should be implemented.
    • Ethiopia vaccinates nearly 15 million children against measles despite COVID-19 challenges. The
      campaign’s target was 15 million children and it attained 96% coverage (14.4 million), showing that even
      with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, countries can continue to carry out life-saving mass vaccinations.
    • The WHO Regional Office for the Americas and the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) launched the
      “Stronger Together” campaign to assist communities in promoting mental well being and positive coping
      strategies during times of stress and crisis. The awareness campaign will run until November 2020 and
      includes a range of promotional materials and media.
    • Today’s Subject in Focus provides an update on Infodemics management.