SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/30/2020)


Globally 16,812,755 cases (253,793)

662,095 deaths (5,999)

Africa 754,390 cases (16,046)

12,838 deaths (319)

Americas 8,980,181 cases (139,657)

346,554 deaths (3,919)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,520,745 cases (13,011)

39,203 deaths (388)

Europe 3,307,388 cases (23,438)

212,079 deaths (460)

South-East Asia 1,949,850 cases (57,794)

43,117 deaths (884)

Western Pacific 299,460 cases (3,847)

8,291 deaths (29)

    • In the Amazonian region, ensuring access to health services for indigenous populations is a
      priority. WHO Regional Office for the Americas met virtually with representatives from
      indigenous organizations together with the Coordinator of the Indigenous Organizations of the
      Amazon Basin (COICA) and called for the “strengthening of health care services in the Amazon
      through the provision of human resources, supplies and medical devices, including tests, as
      well as treatments and vaccines when they are available”.
    • In the Philippines, the delivery of essential health services has continued amidst the COVID-19
      pandemic, including the implementation of their Hepatitis programme. The governor of Bataan
      reminded local governments and health care providers to continue providing non-COVID-19
      care while responding to the pandemic.
    • According to a joint analysis by WHO and UNICEF, routine immunization rates plummeted in
      Somalia from March to May 2020, and remain low due to COVID-19. WHO has been working
      with the Somali Government and partners to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to
      health care providers and train community health workers to disseminate messages on the
      importance of routine immunization for children.
    • Today’s Subject in Focus discusses the COVID-19 HelpDesk, a service dedicated to providing
      technical assistance at the request of Member States.