SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/3/2020)


Globally 10,710,005 cases (175,723)

517,877 deaths (5,032)

Africa 329,796 cases (11,364)

6,486 deaths (146)

Americas 5,445,710 cases (127,918)

255,702 deaths (3,362)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,115,561 cases (18,996)

26,028 deaths (511)

Europe 2,737,869 cases (-10 444)

198,945 deaths (537)

South-East Asia 860,785 cases (27,050)

23 240 deaths (471)

Western Pacific 219,543 cases (839)

7,463 deaths (5)

    • WHO Director-General Dr Tedros and WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Hans Henri P. Kluge addressed the European Parliament Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety on the global response to COVID-19. “The EU is in a unique position to provide global leadership in defining the ‘new normal’ as part of the global recovery,” Dr Tedros said, though he cautioned parliamentarians that, globally, the situation “is still getting worse.”
    • The Regional Officer for the Americas/PAHO has released a report that presents an overview of PAHO’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It also provides an analysis of the epidemiological situation in the Americas and the impact of the spread of the virus on health systems in Latin America and the Caribbean.
    • WHO is working with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, and leveraging 21 community radio stations throughout the country to relay COVID-19 messages and conduct debates and discussions on the disease and its spread. “Community engagement is critical in this response,” says Dr Rudi Eggers, WHO Kenya Representative.
    • The United Nations Secretary-General’s SpecialRepresentative to Somalia, Mr James Swan, has called for continuing international support to the Somali government’s response to COVID-19and praised the efforts of frontline health care workers.
    • WHO has released a new online course on controlling the spread of COVID-19 at ground crossings. This is explored in today’s Subject in Focus, below.