SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/4/2020)


Globally 10,922,324 cases (212,326)

523,011 deaths (5,134)

Africa 342,415 cases (12,619)

6,628 deaths (142)

Americas 5,575,482 cases (129,772)

259,094 deaths (3,392)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,135,604 cases (20,043)

26,521 deaths (493)

Europe 2,757,556 cases (19,694)

199,510 deaths (565)

South-East Asia 888,732 cases (27,947)

23,774 deaths (534)

Western Pacific 221,794 cases (2,251)

7,471 deaths (8)

    • WHO is providing support to bridge a shortfall in oxygen supplies in Iraq. To counter severe shortages, WHO has airlifted 300 oxygen concentrators from WHO’s warehouses in the United Arab Emirates.
    • As African countries begin to reopen borders and air spaces, it is crucial that governments take effective measures to mitigate the risk of a surge in infections.
    • The UN Secretary-General, Mr António Guterres in his remarks to the Security Council on the Maintenance of International Peace and Security warned that the COVID-19 pandemic has been affecting peace and security around the world. He stated that “Collective security and our shared well-being are under assault on many fronts led by a relentless disease and abetted by global fragilities.”
    • In Yemen, healthcare workers face a double battle – COVID-19 in a conflict zone. WHO chronicles the work of Dr Sami Al Hajj, a young doctor working at the Science and Technology
      Hospital in Sana.