SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours 

(last updated 10:00 AM CET 7/6/2020)


Globally 11,327790 cases (202,545)

532,340 deaths (4,134)

Africa 369,928 cases (13,262)

6,974 deaths (228)

Americas 5,820,840 cases (122,886)

265,024 deaths (2,486)

Eastern Mediterranean 1,170,720 cases (17,563)

27,566 deaths (492)

Europe 2,791,160 cases (16,939)

200,238 deaths (357)

South-East Asia 947,519 cases (28,928)

25,036 deaths (563)

Western Pacific 226,882 cases (2,967)

7,489 deaths (8)

    • COVID-19 has changed our life: disinfectants, hand sanitizers, and personal protective equipment (PPE) have become tools in the fight against virus transmission. Most of these
      products contain chemicals. A webinar is being held tomorrow during which speakers will share the preliminary analysis of the chemical impact [of using these products] and outline
      recommendations to ensure the safety of chemical products being used to stop the spreading of the virus.
    • As a major United Nations forum prepares to assess progress towards a fairer future for people and the planet, UN Secretary-General António Guterres has warned that each of the Goals of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is being impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • In today’s ‘Subject in Focus’ below we present an update from the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN), which is supporting the COVID-19 response.