Public Hearing – Estero Crossing

Estero CrossingThe Planning & Zoning Board conducted a Public Hearing for Estero Crossing located on the south side of Corkscrew Road, 1,000 feet west of the intersection of Corkscrew Road and I-75.

The applicant is requesting to rezone the property from commercial to mixed use to include up to 350 multi-family residential units; 60,000 square feet of commercial use along Corkscrew Road and a 130-room hotel or alternative 100,000 square foot self-storage facility.

The proposal calls for an enhanced buffer along Corkscrew Road and the reverse frontage road as well as around the community.  A condition calls for buffers to be planted as part of the first phase of the project.

The building contractor for this community is Stock Luxury Apartment Living. The four-story residential buildings with elevators will be 50 feet tall with an additional 5 fe