Action Items

Resolution No. 2019-06 – Voting delegate for 2019 Florida League of Cities annual conference and business meeting

Florida League of Cities Logo Council voted to adopt this resolution appointing Mayor Bill Ribble as the voting delegate for the 2019 Florida League of Cities annual conference August 15-17 in Orlando.  (Resolution).

Letter to Lee County Requesting Disaster Response Services

hurricaneCouncil voted to approve sending a letter to Lee County, from Village Manager Steve Sarkozy, requesting Lee County disaster response services in the case of a Lee County declared emergency.  This covers the collection, delivery to debris management sites, processing, transport, and final disposal of the Village’s debris through the County’s contractor.  (Disaster response letter)

Estero Parkway construction, engineering and inspection services

Road Signage

The Estero Parkway construction project requires on-the-job attention of a Village representative, independent of the project’s design team.  This includes daily inspection as well as looking into the future to identify possible potential problems in order to ensure a successful outcome for the project. This role will need to be filled by an outside consultant due to the limited Village staff.

Council voted to approve a contract with Kisinger Campo & Associates, Corp., not to exceed $197,414.50, to provide construction engineering and inspection services for this project. It is anticipated construction will start in October.  (Contract)

US 41 Landscape improvements

landscapingCouncil voted to approve award of a Request for Bids to Superior Landscaping & Lawn Service, Inc., for a total cost of $956,594.87, and contingency funding for the project in the amount of $95,000 (approximately 10% of the construction bid) to allow for unforeseen circumstances which may arise during construction.  The contract includes maintenance and replacement of any lost landscaping for two years.  Many of the plant materials will be native plantings.  (Contract)

US 41 Landscape improvements construction engineering and inspection services

This project also requires on-the-job attention to aid with traffic issues on US 41 during construction.  Council voted to approve the negotiation of a contract with the number one ranked firm Tetra Tech, Inc., and approved compensation to not-to-exceed expenditures of $143,000.

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is providing funding to the Village to improve the landscaping in the US 41 medians.  A requirement of the funding is for Estero to engage an FDOT firm to provide the construction engineering and inspection services. (Summary Sheet)


Village of Estero special assessment policies and methodology

policiesCouncil discussed special assessment policies pertaining to potential expansion of municipal infrastructure into under-served areas.  This subject came up as a result of residents’ requests for sewer lines in their neighborhoods.

A draft policy for special assessments was reviewed which reads, in part: When special services or local improvements such as street lighting, landscaping, roads, canal drainage, or central water and sewer, which benefit a limited and specifically defined area of the Village are desired by a majority of the property owners, they may petition Village Council to pass a Resolution to impose annual assessments on the properties which are benefited by the service or improvements.  The Village Council may wave the petition process and impose the assessments where doing so is in the best interests of the Village and specifically beneficial to those properties in the assessment area.  (Draft policy)

Additional details will be available in the minutes of this meeting.  Residents may also view the archived meeting by going to the Village website

The next Council meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 10, 2019.