Parks Workshop

Approximately 75 residents attended the first workshop held to help the Village determine the long-range vision for the future Parks and Recreation Plan.

Following a brief overview of the planning process, residents participated by placing dots on photos of items they felt were priorities and writing suggestions on post it notes and placing them on maps of existing areas where they felt improvements could be made in the facilities and/or recreation opportunities.

The Village has contracted with Barth Associates, LLC to conduct the strategic planning for the development of a Parks, Recreation and Open Space Master Plan.  The plan will include an inventory of existing parks, potential future needs, comparison with other municipalities, options for ownership and will be coordinated with the Bike/Ped study, among other items.

Plans call for focus group meetings with representatives of organized sports, the City of Bonita Springs and others to review proposals for the Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  In addition, surveys will be provided in the future to gather additional input from residents.

Barth Associates LLC will be compiling information and placing it on a dedicated website.  You will be notified as soon as this website becomes active.

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