Public Comment on non-agenda items: 1 resident representing the ECCL spoke regarding the proposed veterans recognition pocket park and 1 resident spoke about the Estero High School girls soccer team recent win and upcoming game on February 11.

Ordinance 2020-09 – Estero Town Center Zoning Case

Council started their meeting with a public hearing regarding a request to amend the zoning for the Estero Town Center (Lowe’s Plaza) to allow a Firestone Complete Auto Care Store.

The proposal was to construct a 6,400 square foot facility for Firestone Complete Auto Care on approximately 1.4 acres of a 3-acre site. The site is in the southeast quadrant of the intersection of Corkscrew Road and Three Oaks Parkway.

Council voted to deny this request.  (Ordinance 2020-09 denial version)

Williams Road Bicycle & Pedestrian Improvements – Concept Design Contract

The Village’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan identified additional east-west bicycle and pedestrian corridors as a critical need. The construction of bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Williams Road was identified in the Master Plan as a top priority to provide additional east-west connection.

The proposed contract will only include the planning and preliminary design of the project. The final design and permitting of the project will come back to Council at a later date for approval.

This phase of the project includes determining the appropriate bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Williams Road from Three Oaks Parkway to US 41. The consultant will study the corridor and provide improvement recommendations. Recommended improvements will be brought to Village Council for approval prior to starting preliminary project design. The project could include a combination of bike lanes, multiuse paths and sidewalks.

The contract with Banks Engineering is $130,900 for the design and permitting of the Williams Road Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvements. This includes $119,000 for the contract approval and a 10% project contingency of $11,900.  (Contract)

Public Comment: 1 eComment card was added to the record.

Council voted to approve this contract.

Ben Hill Griffin Landscape Design

The Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Village budget includes funds to design and permit upgraded landscaping on Ben Hill Griffin Parkway along the one-mile corridor from Corkscrew Road to Estero Parkway.

Village Staff has negotiated contracts with Bruce Howard and Associates and RWA Engineering to survey the corridor and create a landscape design concept for $78,210.

Staff will come back to Council after the preliminary design is complete to request approval to move onto the construction phase.

Public Comment: 1 resident spoke, recommending to plant grass along with the trees and plant materials.

Council voted to approve these contracts.  (Summary Sheet)


Williams/Via Coconut roundabout landscape design

Edera, the development located at the southeast corner of the Williams Road and Via Coconut Point Roundabout, is required to install landscaping along their roadway frontage and within the center of the roundabout.

Their concept included installing 21 Sabal Palms, 14 Silver Palmettos and needle point peanut grass within the center of the roundabout. This concept would not match the landscape improvements recently completed on Estero Parkway.

The Village hired Bruce Howard and Associates to review the design of the landscaping at the roundabout and provide recommendations to improve the landscape design.  The consultant proposed a number of plant materials including royal palms in the roundabout as well as pavers for the crosswalks. (Presentation)

No voting occurs during workshops.

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The next Council meeting will be held at 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 17, 2021.